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Reserved Instance Program

Estimates are showing that AWS usage will continue to grow at 40% annual rate during and post “Covid-era”. Gartner estimates are showing that organizations, which are not applying cloud cost optimization strategies, are overspending by 30% or more on their monthly AWS bill. It is common for businesses to overspend two to three times more than their initial budget.


A major reason is that businesses underestimate complexity of cloud infrastructure pricing model. Reserved Instances are the original savings method AWS introduced in 2009 and still the most popular plan to date. It caters to variety of use cases and majority of AWS End Users. Discounts up to 72%.


The biggest drawback for End Users directly purchasing RIs from AWS, is that they will be responsible for complex management of RIs. Prestige Services has built its offering on top the of the AWS RI program to offer End Users only the benefits while removing any risk, capital expense, financial, and time commitment that AWS would otherwise mandate to End Users if purchasing RIs through AWS directly. Average total savings achieved (on EC2, RDS, RedShift) with our program is 20-30%.


Have a question about cloud strategy, the best cloud solution for each application, or advice on your cloud initiatives?  Get in touch and we’d be glad to help.

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