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AWS Machine Learning

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) is applied to many technical areas and has become mainstream. ML/AI use cases are myriad:

1. Voice assistants

2. Dynamic pricing for the travel industry flights and hotels.

3. Email filtering

4. Product recommendations for online retailers and media consumption AWS offers many solutions to everyday business tasks.


A small number of examples:

• Translate - Easily Translate Text Efficiently with Neural Machine Technologies.

• Polly - Turn Text Into Life-Like Speech Using Deep Learning Technologies.

• Rekognition - Easily Add Image & Video Analysis through Artificial Intelligence.

• SageMaker Ground Truth - Automated Data Labeling for High Quality Training Datasets.

• Lex - Build Voice and Text Chatbots With The Tech That Powers Alexa.

Prestige Services can help you get the right combination of AWS services to achieve your goals.

Read more about AWS Services for Machine Learning.


Have a question about cloud strategy, the best cloud solution for each application, or advice on your cloud initiatives?  Get in touch and we’d be glad to help.

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